How To Choose A Pacifier For Baby

Pacifiers are often essential items for babies. By pumping, they reproduce the sucking motion they exert on the breast or bottle, which gives them peace of mind. You should know that, like the Pacifier For Baby, pacifiers should be adjusted to the age of your baby. Here are our tips


🍓🍌🍏 The best for your baby: 2 pcs. Baby pacifiers with a total of 6 soft, non-toxic & BPA-free silicone tips, in 3 different sizes suitable for babies from 3 to 24 months – ideal for home & on the go.
🍓🍍🍏 SAFE & CONVENIENT: Fruit pacifiers are ideal for safely introducing babies and young children to fruits, vegetables, porridge and first complementary foods – without fear of swallowing food.
🍓🍌🍏 Soothing during teething: Fruit lollipops are also ideal for soothing pain during teething. To do this, fill the silicone teat with chilled food or small ice cubes.
🍓🍍🍏 Hygienic & easy to clean: hygienic pacifier and pacifier made of food-grade soft silicone, easy to sterilize and suitable for the dishwasher – completely BPA-free.
🍓🍌🍏 Scope of delivery: 2 pcs. Fruit teats in orange and turquoise with lid for babies & young children, 2 silicone teats size S, 2 silicone teats size M, 2 silicone teats size L


  • 🍓 TOUT CE DONT BÉBÉ A BESOIN: 2 Tétines pour Fruits avec un total de 6 sucettes en silicone souple sans BPA, en 3 tailles différentes, adaptées à l’âge de bébés de 3 à 24 mois + gratuit 1pc brosse à dents pour bébé – idéaux pour la maison et en déplacement.
  • 🍌 FIABLE ET PRATIQUE: Les tétines pour fruits sont idéaux pour diriger le bébé en toute sécurité vers les fruits, les légumes, la bouillie et les premiers aliments de complément – sans risque d’ingestion.
  • 🍏 APAISANT LORS DE LA PREMIÈRE DENTITION: Les tétines pour fruits sont également idéaux pour soulager la douleur lors de la première dentition. Pour ce faire, mettez des aliments refroidis ou de petits glaçons dans la sucette en silicone.
  • 🍍 HYGIÉNIQUE ET FACILE À NETTOYER: Sucette hygiénique en silicone souple de qualité alimentaire, facile à stériliser et adaptée au lave-vaisselle – complètement sans Bisphénol A.
  • 🍒 CONTENU DE LA LIVRAISON: 2 Tétines pour Fruits en Vert et Violet avec Couvercle pour Bébés et Tout-Petits, 6 Sucettes en Silicone médical (2pcs en Taille S, 2pcs en Taille M, 2pcs en.


  • Amusante – Haakaa Tétine fruit est le moyen idéal pour introduire les solides aux bébés sans risque d’étouffement. Pochette en silicone avec de petits trous permettant de passer uniquement des petits.
  • Sûre : Elle est en 100 % de silicone de qualité alimentaire sans BPA, ce qui permet à votre enfant de mâcher et d’aspirer. Plus hygiénique et durable que les autres mangeoires de dentition en maille.
  • Multifonctionnel – Elle sert également de jouet de dentition. Il suffit de retourner la mangeoire à l’envers pour permettre à votre enfant de mâcher et d’aspirer un anneau de dentition 100 % silicone de qualité alimentaire, apaise les douleurs dentaires et garde votre petit occupé.
  • Ustensiles pour tout-petits : placez des aliments biologiques pour bébé, des fruits congelés, des légumes, de la viande ou du lait maternel congelé dans la pochette. Votre bébé profitera de la capacité à expérimenter des aliments solides tout en développant l’indépendance, en apprenant à se nourrir seuls et en améliorant la coordination œil-main et la motricité.
  • Design Unique par Haakaa – design tout-en-un avec distributeur et anneau de dentition. Les stries et les poils surélevés sur les oreilles du lapin massent les dents et les gencives de votre enfant. Les nouveaux pieds sur le capuchon vous permettent de vous tenir debout et d’éviter la poussière.


【All in 1 Set】LEADSTAR baby feeding set includes 1 feeding spoon, 2 fruit feeders, 6 teats in 3 different sizes, 2 toothbrushes to meet different needs of parents when feeding your baby. Babe. They are all made of food grade silicone, safe for baby to snack on, more convenient to feed your baby with different foods such as fresh fruit, yogurt, ice cream and breast milk.
【Fruits Baby Pacifier】The lock design and small holes of the baby nibbler pacifier prevent choking that can be caused by small pieces of food. Soft silicone handle and surface make it easy for babies to hold it and enjoy food by themselves and help release their teething discomfort. It also comes with 6 silicone teats in 3 sizes for babies at different months of age.
【90ml Food Dispensing Spoons】This squeezable silicone dispensing spoon with scale ensures precise measuring and makes it easy to dispense the perfect amount for feeding babies. Standing design with suction base allows for convenient and hygienic one-handed feeding with pressure while handling other unexpected business.
【Baby Finger Toothbrush】 The finger toothbrush with comfortable silicone bristles gives your baby a soft touch and helps teach your baby healthy oral habits. Easy to clean and transport.
【Easy to Clean】The baby nibbler pacifier can be separated. Please clean the baby feeding set with boiling or lukewarm water before first use and dry them in the top rack of the dishwasher. A wonderful silicone feeding gift for baby and parents.

How to choose a better baby pacifier?

There are several criteria to refer to in order to correctly choose the pacifier for your baby. You will indeed see models of different shapes and different materials. But more importantly, the baby pacifier must be adapted to the child, especially to his age.

We must not forget that it is a question of comfort and safety as well.

The different models of baby pacifiers on the market

You basically have three models. The physiological baby pacifier is the classic model. It is particularly renowned for its great ease of use. The second model is the round-ended baby pacifier. This is recommended if your baby is breastfed. It adopts a shape more or less similar to that of the breast. And finally, the third model is the oval baby pacifier or irreversible pacifier. It is used when baby begins to make his first teeth.

The different baby pacifier materials

You mainly have two materials to choose from: rubber and silicone. For baby’s comfort, we recommend a particularly flexible material. Rubber is the more flexible of the two. On the other hand, it can leave a certain smell and sometimes even a little taste. Silicone on the other hand is much firmer, it will be more durable for this purpose, and it is in the same way that they must be chosen for the baby pacifier.

The different baby pacifiers according to the age of the child

For a baby who has just been born, there are baby pacifiers intended for infants under three months. Beyond three months, you have to change the model. In this case, we switch to the baby pacifier intended for babies from 3 to 6 months. And finally, after 6 months, they are all almost universal models. You must respect these age questions, because if you are wrong, you risk damaging both baby’s teething and his palate.

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