Top 6 Best Pickleball Racket Of The Year

Pickleball is a hybrid sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. Playing pickleball requires good hand-eye coordination as well as the use of the best pickleball racket. Below we explain how to determine the ideal size, weight and grip style (maybe too detailed for some of you in a hurry)… so keep reading to learn everything you need to know about our site.

How To Choose A Best Pickleball Racket?

Do you think first of all about buying a better racquet. The essential accessories of pickleball, the racket must be of a solid design and quality in order to guarantee you the best possible shots, whatever your level. We advise you to choose a few essential criteria in order to find a better racket on the market:

Pickleball racket weight
Pickleball Racket Weight Ranges

Lightweight paddles: less than 7.3 oz
Medium weight paddle: 7.3 to 8.4 oz
Heavy paddle: 8.5 oz and more
Paddle weights range from about 6 (light paddles) to 14 ounces (heavy paddles). we choose the size and the weight of the racket adapted to your physique as well as the feeling of each one. Normally, we buy a racket that adapts to criteria such as budget, personal physique and the type of game we want to play with.

Normally, there are two types of racquet: light and heavy. So each one has advantages and disadvantages.

Light rackets

  • Better ball control
  • Better maneuverability
  • Less fatigue
  • decrease in potency
  • Need for a stronger swing
  • Harder to hit long, hard shots

Heavier racquets

  • More power
  • Less effort to hit the ball
  • Easier to hit the ball deep
  • Stress on injuries, especially elbows
  • Less control, slower swing
  • Increases fatigue if played for a long time

En tant que le joueur choisit une meilleure raquette qui s’adapte mieux aux besoins tels que votre capacité, votre taille et votre choix du jeu, etc. l’objectif d’opter une raquette légère ou lourde adaptée votre but, par exemple vous voulez augmenter la frappe forte, vous pouvez choisir la raquette lourde ou bien améliorer le controle de la balle, vous choisissez la raquette légère. 

Matériau de la raquette de Pickleball

  • Wood: heaviest and cheapest.
  • Graphite: often the most expensive option but also light and efficient on the court.
  • Composite: a compromise between wood and graphite. Different prices and weights. Increasingly popular as the texture of the paddle face helps give effect to strokes and there are more expensive composites.

Core of pickleball rackets

The basic difference between the three common types of composite cores:

  • Aluminum core: better feel, quieter
  • Nomex honeycomb core: speed and power
  • Polymer core (Poly): flexible, damped, the quietest on the market

The price of a pickleball racket

Although you can spend over $100 for a good quality racquet, there are plenty of affordable options and compared to sports like golf, the total investment in handball equipment is decent.

Handball racquets range from under $15 for the cheapest wooden racquets to over $150 for high-end synthetic and graphite racquets.

Mid-range racquets in the price range (about $50 to $120): You’ll find plenty of good graphite and composite handball racquets in this price range.

If you’re a beginner buying your first pickleball racquet and can afford it, we recommend skipping the wooden options and moving up at least one rung to a decent composite or graphite paddle. it practically gives you the ability to control the ball and master the techniques necessary to improve your level.

Our Collections Of The Best Rackets On The Markets


HEAD Gravity Pickleball Paddles (Gravity (Teal/Crim))

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The all new model Head Gravity Lite Pickleball paddle comes with a distinctive design with a different contrasting color on each side. With the same massive sweet spot shape as the Head Gravity, the Gravity Lite is lightweight and much more maneuverable and combines Head’s latest technologies that work together for the ultimate paddling experience.
Sweet Spot Power Center – Head’s Sweet Spot Power Core delivers a uniquely soft feel and powerful impact for added confidence on every shot.
Hybrid Hitting Surface: Head’s first hybrid hitting surface delivers a truly superior blend of power, control, stability and all-day comfort.
Grip Stabilizer Technology: Head’s grip stabilizer technology encompasses a specialized grip reinforcement solution that provides improved strength and cushioning.
Comfort Grip System – Specially formulated PU material has been embedded into the new Ergo Grip creating a softer feel that dampens vibration for ultimate comfort and playability.

MoKo 2

MoKo 2 Ensemble de Raquette de Pickleball, Palette de Pickleball en Fibre de Verre avec 4 Balles & 1 Sac, Raquette Légère Équipement de Sport, Kit de Balle de Raquette pour Sport Intérieur Extérieur

Voir sur Amazon

This combination is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Suitable for men, women, children and people of all ages. It is also an ideal gift for family and friends. With the pouch, you can easily take it with you.




In terms of the price is quite high compared to other models on the market.


ZCEBRA Pickleball Paddle Graphite - Raquette en Fibre de Carbone Noyau de 16 mm de Panneau d'abeille polypropylène Texture Frosted Rugosa - Set Housse néoprène Grip Extra - Gorilla Pro Rainbow

Voir sur Amazon

The most advanced pickleball racket is covered with a textured graphite skin and a 16 mm thick core, made of polymer bee board (honeycomb) and polypropylene. Thanks to its FROSTED treatment and its rough texture, you will be able to enjoy excellent effect and power on the ball when hitting. Superior quality.


  • Graphite leather and Frosted texture
  • 16mm core
  • Support and protection
  • Unique design, neoprene cover and extra grip
  • USA Approved, Pickleball


The combination is perfect but this racket adapts to the advanced level. So beginners are not necessarily advised to use this.


ZCEBRA Pickleball Paddle Graphite – Raquette en Fibre de Carbone renforcé 16 mm d'épaisseur de Panneau d'abeille en polypropylène Texture Rugueuse – Set Housse en néoprène – Gorilla Pro Red

Voir sur Amazon

This most advanced pickleball racquet is covered with textured graphite leather and a 16mm thick honeycomb and polypropylene core.


  • Graphite leather and creek texture
  • Adhesion and protection
  • 16mm core
  • Unique design and neoprene shell
  • Approved by use


This product obviously reserves at the professional level.


EJEAS Lot de 2 raquettes de pickleball, 1 sac de transport portable et 4 balles pour l'intérieur et l'extérieur, raquette de pickleball légère en polypropylène avec noyau en nid d'abeille

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EJEAS pickleball racquets are high quality racquets made from premium materials through advanced technology and excellent craftsmanship. Through our experiments, it can withstand 20,000 consecutive hits without damage. The racket edge protection layer can protect the racket from being damaged when dropped. The grip size is ergonomically designed and can withstand the force of ball impact without damage.


  • super high quality
  • Great material
  • Well designed handle
  • Package contents
  • Quality assurance


At the level of the price is acceptable but very suitable for beginners and amateurs.


Pickleball Paddle Set de 2, Raquette de Pickleball en Fibre de Carbone Professionnelle, Kit de Housse de Raquette de Sport avec Sac de Rangement Portable 4 Balles pour L'Extérieur Hommes Femmes Enfant

Voir sur Amazon

You can easily control the racket and the ball, playing without putting too much pressure on the joints. Very suitable for beginners and intermediate players. The combination with the honeycomb structure perfectly integrates power and control, allowing you to train like a professional player.


Premium durable polymer honeycomb core


In terms of excellent quality gives the ability to train at the advanced level but beginners can try this.


Honestly, I think this trend is partly marketing… with more and more people starting to play, brands are competing and trying to make their racquets stand out from the crowd.


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