How to choose a gas barbecue?

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Experience buying a barbecue to ensure quality products at good prices. If you’re wondering, you won’t have to look any further. Here are our tips for choosing a best gas barbecue.

What Type Of Gas Grill On The Market?
1. The commonly used barbecue

There are many types of barbecue stoves on the market. For example: grill with griddle only, electric grill with smooth surface, electric grill with griddle and flat non-stick surface, household barbecue. The grill has only one grill It is a pan with a full non-stick coating, a grease drain slot, an oil pan and a rough surface. The kitchen has the advantages of safety, convenience and quick cooking. However, the disadvantage of the kitchen is that cleaning the surface is difficult and time-consuming. Flat Top Electric Grill This electric range only has a small hole to drain grease. Flat surface design with non-stick coating. The advantage is that it is easy to clean and the disadvantage is that it will be difficult to drain all the grease from the dishes. Electric grill with grill and flat surface The electric barbecue has a monolithic design. One side has rough groove layer, the other side is non-stick and convenient surface. Barbecue at home The barbecue at home is a combination of a charcoal stove and an electric grill. Through the use of electricity and wind, the stove is considered an effective tool to make baked goods more appealing.


The design and shape are different, but the above 4 types of grill have the main advantages: compact design, safe and delicious food, no smoke. In addition, the barbecue is easy to use, clean and maintain. It is also a factor that increases the life of the product, which significantly reduces costs for users.

2. 5 criteria for choosing to buy an outdoor BBQ stove

According to user needs
For families who often organize meals, small parties at home or go on picnics, a barbecue is an indispensable element.


2. Grill capacity

Food cooks quickly or slowly depending on the capacity of the barbecue stove. The larger the capacity, the shorter the cooking time and vice versa. You can consider choosing the right kitchen, to both ensure time and help food cook evenly and deliciously. Cooking capacity of 1200W to 2000W is quite common and is a suggestion that you can add to your barbecue cooking experience.


3. Grill size

Family with 2-3 members, medium or small grill is the right choice. However, for parties with lots of people in attendance, you should choose large pans with a large capacity to help food cook quickly, evenly and attractively.


4. Grill material

In addition, capacity, size, material are very important factors when choosing to buy a barbecue stove. Priority is given to pans with good materials, durable, with high non-stick capacity. The stove has a tray to store excess fat, good resistance and heat resistance.


How To Use A Gas Grill?
After choosing the right type of stove based on the above experience of choosing to buy a barbecue, the information in this next section will help you know how to properly use outdoor barbecue equipment.

1. Steps to follow There are 5 steps to using a barbecue: Step 1: Prepare the ingredients and food for cooking. Step 2: Start the barbecue. Step 3: Wait until the kitchen is hot, the user places the prepared food and ingredients on top and proceeds to cook. Step 4: Set the appropriate temperature. Step 5: The food is fragrant, almost golden, you can try to see if the food is cooked. If it is cooked, put it on a plate and start enjoying it.

2. How to maintain and clean the kitchen Cleaning the kitchen is an important step to prevent rust caused by long-lasting grease. Clean hygiene not only increases the durability of the grill, but also ensures the health and safety of users. 5 steps to clean and maintain the kitchen for a long time are: Step 1: Turn off the stove, wait for the stove to cool completely before cleaning. Step 2: Remove the grill, griddle, grease tray and bar one by one and wash them with detergent. Step 3: Use specialist cleaners to spray on parts such as body, kitchen legs. Then use a soft cloth to clean it. Step 4: Remove parts from grill to dry (Note: Do not expose to direct sunlight). Step 5: Put the stove back in place and store it in a cool, dry place.

3. Some Other Note: In addition, users should also note some important points during the process of using, cleaning and storing all types of grills. Turn over regularly, stir the food evenly to prevent the food from being greasy and causing a fire. Set the cooking temperature according to each type of food. It’s a way to make food more delicious, while efficiently saving energy. Use specialized tools to pick up food after the main grill, avoid using hands directly, which may cause burns and blisters. During the cooking process, children should not be allowed to approach the stove to avoid fires, burns, etc. Wipe the kitchen surface with a soft cloth to prevent scratching and peeling. Do not place or leave the stove in direct sunlight or in places with excessively high temperature.

Above is the outdoor barbecue shopping experience you can refer to. We hope the above information will be useful for you to read, so that you can make a decision to choose and buy the best quality equipment for your family.

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