How To Choose A Printer Cartridge ?

What formula can be measured? With the current development of electronic technology, so do desktop printers. How do you choose a better printer cartridge when there are plenty of models on the market. Here are our tips for choosing a best printer cartridge.

Printer manufacturers are always producing new modems to meet consumer demand. The birth of the printer meant that the ink was also born. Due to the increasingly competitive demand in the printing ink market, there are many types of floating inks of unknown origin in the market. So, customers have to choose a service that provides quality ink is not easy. This is also a big concern for customers when choosing an ink refill service.

During printer use, if the printer runs out of ink and needs to be refilled with new printer ink. So how can you assess ink quality, so you can choose the best ink for your printer? Refilling low quality cheap ink will harm the printer a lot, then the quantity and quality of prints will also decline and also affect users’ health.

How can one distinguish the best printer cartridge?
The ink contains particles.
Quality printing ink will have a finer grain than the normal type.
Good ink has more (words).
When printing crisp, bold prints, more pages are printed. The printer components are less subject to wear thanks to the very fine ink.
And above all Less waste of ink because the ink has many words stuck to the magnetic shaft.
Save ink. With non-standard ink containing many substances harmful to human health
It is recommended to customers paying attention to the price of the product.

Our advices
Choose a reputable ink refill company.
Do not choose printer ink that is too cheap.
Check the print to see if the print is clear and crisp. Unless there is a component failure, the version is not clean.
It is recommended that qualified personnel check before refilling the ink.
Purchase guide
You should regularly clean the vacuum cleaner, the remains of paper inside the machine. should be cleaned periodically because 70-80% of printer problems are caused by poor hygiene and dusty environments. When printing is blocked, immediately turn off the power, open the main door cover, remove the ink cartridge, and remove the paper in the direction of the page. Note that it should not be turned off during working hours because you want to save electricity if the environment is very humid. Because high humidity is also the cause of ink clumping causing many problems. Do not use too poor quality paper on the market today. Because poor quality paper affects the life of your printer. When the printed page has vertical blur, remove the ink cartridge and shake it well, if the problem disappears, the ink cartridge is low. Call our Tuan Long Ink service immediately for the best advice and support. If while using the printer there is a problem, if it cannot be managed, do not try to install it, it will make the problem more difficult. The best solution is to call our service.

In the market, there are different types of cartridge either high price or acceptable price but you pay attention to product quality first. In fact, the origin of cartridge is everywhere in four corners of the world, especially the cartridges are Chinese origins. So if you agree to use the Chinese cartridges, the price is quite cheaper. The rest is still big brands.

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