How To Choose A Sleeping Bag ?

Winter comes with the cold. And the basic human need is to keep body temperature warm. And a cute little sleeping bag helps our body keep warm whether at home, in the office or while traveling. Here are our best sleeping bag buying guide tips.

Factors to consider when choosing an office sleeping bag are: sleeping bag temperature (best used), material, weight and style.

What Are The Important Criteria To Buy A Best Sleeping Bag?

Sleeping bags also need a hood: around 40-50% of body heat escapes through the top of the head. With a hood to better keep the male body warm. The right size: A well-fitting sleeping bag retains heat much better than an oversized bag. A sleeping bag that is too short or too long is not suitable, it will make you uncomfortable and more prone to cold. Don’t wear a lot of clothes when you sleep. Why? Science has proven that by wearing a lot of clothes during sleep, when your body sweats, the clothes absorb water, making you colder. According to personal experience, the temperature information is only approximate, and you should choose a sleeping bag according to the comfortable use temperature. And better, when buying, you should choose the type with a lower temperature than expected by 5-15 ° C. In this way, you can limit the temperature drop, at this time, you can always sleep soundly in the sleeping bag. Remember: it is easy to “cure” the heat, but it is not easy to “cure” the cold.

The temperature of the sleeping bag is divided into two types: the lowest temperature the sleeping bag can withstand and the comfortable temperature to use. All temperature information is usually written very clearly on the product, which you can see on the bottom of the sleeping bag or the bottom of the bag. Sleeping bag temperature levels are predicted by the manufacturer through a series of tests with different people and under different weather and environmental conditions. However, this prediction is only approximate. Why? Because everyone’s body temperature is different. With the same sleeping bag but with a high body temperature, this sleeping bag is considered warm. But for people with low body temperature, it can be considered hot. If you tolerate the cold well, you can use a sleeping bag with information such as manufacturer’s reviews. If you can’t stand the cold, choose a sleeping bag that can handle a lower sleeping bag than originally intended. For example, if you plan to use a sleeping bag at a temperature of 15°C, choose a sleeping bag with a comfortable temperature of 5-20°C. If you are an average person, choose a sleeping bag with a temperature below 5oC Other factors affecting temperature index In addition to body temperature, several other factors affect temperature when using a sleeping bag : Use an air mattress: The air cushions help insulate well, limiting the body from the cold. Using sleeping bags and air mattresses helps the body feel much warmer.

Sleeping bag material

When choosing a sleeping bag or any other item, the material factor is also an indispensable factor. With sleeping bags, users must consider the lining material, the outer fabric, and the inner lining fabric. Sleeping bag lining material: Currently, there are 2 main types of lining material: feather and synthetic cotton.

Feathers: This material has the advantage of being very warm, soft, light, smooth and extremely compact. However, this material is very water resistant and should not be used in humid environments. And sleeping bags with feather liners are also quite expensive.

Synthetic cotton: For office workers who sleep indoors, synthetic cotton is the first choice due to its artificial material, has the ability to retain heat while being water resistant, and can be used in any way. hose in a washing machine. But less hot, heavier than the feather. Because it is a synthetic material, sleeping bags with a synthetic cotton lining are also much cheaper than feathers. And it is the most popular sleeping bag on the market today. This type of sleeping bag can also be used in wet places such as sleeping outdoors, traveling.

Le Poids et le modèle 

Sur le marché aujourd’hui, il existe 2 principaux styles de sacs de couchage Sac de couchage rectangulaire : Le haut et le bas sont égaux (le haut peut avoir une capuche). L’avantage de ce type de sac de couchage est qu’il est confortable pour s’allonger, mais il a l’inconvénient de se réchauffer lentement. Convient pour une utilisation à la maison, au bureau ou par temps pas trop dur. Le design est également magnifique, alors les femmes de bureau choisissent d’acheter cette ligne de sacs de couchage.

It’s up to you to choose the weight and packaging that suits your needs. For those who don’t really have experience in choosing a sleeping bag, the advice for you is to seek advice from a salesperson to choose the product that best suits your needs.

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