How to choose an oil-free fryer?

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Air fryers are no longer foreign to many modern kitchens, the secret to making fried foods simpler and healthier. If you intend to purchase this device, please pay attention to the 6 selection criteria below. Here are our tips for choosing a best oil-free fryer

Criteria for choosing the right air fryer
When buying an air fryer, many people often choose based on their preferences without knowing if it really meets their needs? This will not promote full use value, resulting in wasted costs.

1. Model and design

Design and style are the first two factors you need to pay attention to when buying, as they affect the aesthetics of the kitchen space and the viewing process while cooking. – About the design: Currently on the market, air fryers have relatively similar designs. When choosing to buy, you should choose an oval-shaped, compact pot to give the kitchen space a modern and sophisticated look. The shell is made of virgin PP material to increase bearing capacity and heat resistance. – About the design: it is recommended to choose a pan with a transparent glass lid so that you can easily observe the cooking process and to incorporate an automatic reverse blade to help food cook evenly without burning.

Résultat d’images pour Top 5meilleur friteuse sans huile 2022

In addition, you also need to carefully check the handle (if the design has a handle) to see if it is firm, make sure the buttons work well, the control panel is clearly displayed, the pot lid does not is not deformed, … before use .

2. Capacity of air fryer

How many people in your house? Need to use the fryer more or less? Answering these questions will determine the exact size fryer you need. This avoids wasting costs while ensuring the durability of the device. For a small family, you should choose a pot with a capacity of about 4-5 liters, depending more or less on your cooking needs. If you have a large family, you should choose a pot with a capacity of 6.5 liters to meet your needs.

3. Capacity

The capacity will be proportional to the capacity of the fryer. The larger the capacity, the faster the cooking speed, which means more power will be consumed. However, if compared to conventional pots, the product is still much more energy efficient.

4. The function of the air fryer

Some functions you need to pay attention to when buying a fryer such as timer function, proper temperature setting, etc.

5. Warranty

The warranty period is an affirmation of the product quality of the store and the agent for the customer. Therefore, you should also pay attention to this factor to buy a quality fryer. Normally fryer products will have 1 year warranty depending on the brand. With cheap products, the warranty period will be less than even no warranty.

6. The brand

Why worry about brand image? Choosing a reputable brand to buy will help you feel more confident about the quality as well as the warranty. Therefore, do not neglect this factor.

When you go on vacation or at the weekend with your family. Pretty much you think of a hot meal while having fun with your kids. Above all, your families take the favorite grill for a complete picnic. So, we wish you well to choose a best gas fryer preparing for an ideal weekend.

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